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Guided excursions in nature with stand-up-paddle boards ... and much more! ...



Among the countless attractions offered by the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the new Somewhere Tours center cannot go unnoticed, whose headquarters is adjacent to the most famous and photographed location of the largest seaside resort in northern Italy: Punta Faro.

Years of disclosure spent in promoting Stand Up Paddle, have led to a very important turning point: thanks to the Pontoon Boat Fiesta, the specific boat approved for tourist transport and related ready-to-use equipment, it is possible to "experience" a unique experience destined to leave its mark on those who live it!




The project stems from the idea of ​​making the pristine beauty of the places surrounding our peninsula accessible to tourists who frequent the town of Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), to make them visit these places in person and therefore to make tourists live experiences unforgettable, from which the new concept of tourism so praised by sector experts is born: the `` Experiential Tourism ''.

To do this we will use a Pontoonboat type transport boat for people / things, '' which has the characteristic of being able to land directly on the beach '' and StandUpPaddle boards (called SUP) with which once transported to the places mentioned beyond of the navigable canals will be able to live an unforgettable experience in nature. The starting point for excursions is located in the easternmost part of our peninsula in the Faro Rosso area in front of the Isola delle Conchiglie (Isola di Martignano).

At this point, any other comment is almost superfluous. So do not delay: as an ancient saying goes: seeing is believing!


"The sea is your mirror: you contemplate your soul in the infinite turning of its waves."
(Charles Baudelaire)

Cantami o Diva del pelide Achille l'ira funesta...

Cantami o Diva del pelide Achille l'ira funesta...


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